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Linen Fabric Stonewashed, Soft Linen Fabric, 130g/m2, 145cm/57", White Linen

Linen Fabric Stonewashed, Soft Linen Fabric, 130g/m2, 145cm/57", White Linen

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Linen fabric by metre, Soft linen fabric, Linen white fabric

Experience the luxury of working with soft linen fabric by the meter. Our high-quality white linen fabric, made from natural linen flax, is perfect for your sewing projects. Create beautiful garments and home decor items with this versatile and elegant fabric. Buy fabrics online and indulge in the beauty of linen as you bring your creative ideas to life.


The price applies to:

1. Half a Yard 1/2 yard ( 0,5 yards )

2. Half a Meter  50 cm / 20" running meter. 

Fabric cut from a beam in one piece. Fabric width 57 inches. (±1")

1 pcs = 0,5 yard 
2 pcs = 1 yard
3 pcs = 1,5 yards
and so on.

1 pcs = 50 x 145 cm / 20 x 57 in
2 pcs = 100 x 145 cm / 40 x 57 in
3 pcs = 150 x 145 cm / 60 x 57 in
and so on.

✅ 100 % European Linen Stonewashed 
✅ Soft fabric 
✅ Width: 145 cm/ 57 inches  (±3cm)
✅ Weight: 130 g/m2
✅ Color: White
This white color exudes the purity and pristine beauty of freshly fallen snow. It bears a striking resemblance to the iconic Snow White, yet possesses a subtle undertone of warmth that adds a touch of delicate softness. 

✅ Purpose: clothing, shirts, blouses, pajama sets, handkerchiefs, pocket squares, light curtains,

"Stonewashed" means a method of softening flax fiber. It is distinguished by softness, we do not have to iron.

❗️Shrinkage approx. 2-5%, it is recommended to steam the fabric before sewing.

❗️ IMPORTANT! Colors may vary from those shown due to the nature of photographing and monitor color settings. Each batch of fabric may be slightly different from the previous one. If the shade of the product is very important to you, please contact us, we will provide more information about the colors.

✅ Linen care guide

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